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August 10, 2010, 09:28:15 PM
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Hello Everyone!

Before the simple rules there are two important subjects to make yourself comfortable to the forum    SMILEY1

SEARCHING; the forum has just one search area that you can see it just below the logo, this area is so sensitive that depends on the location of the forum, if you're not sure what genre you're looking then use the search area on the main page (where you can see the shoutbox),  using the search area on the main page you will able to find all the stuff of the forum..

FOLLOWING NEW TOPICS; you can find all new topics and posts when you're absent by pressing the text link " Show unread posts since last visit."  on the main page below the menu, near to your avatar.. when you press this link you'll also see another text "New" just beside of topic titles, clicking "new" links you see only new posts instead of whole topic.. this way you will have full control of the forum to see any new posts..

and now; There are few simple rules; adult content, bad language, duplicate files infected files, scan your files and test them before posting, advertising other forums and/or sites and no installers
that contain advertisements of other sites,

...only crew members and supporters can upload and share files,

...Please read the "Simple Rules" and "HELP" sections before posting,

...if you are an inactive member your account will be deleted, try to be an active member and leave thank posts some time, but without spamming..

...Please keep your avatar and signatures into reasonable size and just one image link for signatures!

...We will keep this place always clean so Please consider to follow these simple rules!

...If you have questions about posting and uploading files
Please check "Help Section"

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